Monday, August 11, 2008

Last Week

It is nice to have friends. Last week we had Katie, Nicholas and Baby Daniel over. Mickey was sure excited to have "Baby Daniel" over. She was so excited, because she just loves babies!

Mickey and Nicholas had a blast playing and making a mess. At one point Nicholas found the "spare" Sparky's and got to carry one around for awhile. Katie got to eat a meal that was cooked for her and someone to hold the baby while she ate. So all in all we had a great night.

The next morning Mickey woke up and asked for "Katie, Nicholas and Baby Jesus". I think that she got a tad bit confused about the Baby Jesus we were reading about and the one that came over!

If you noticed I wasn't posting last week. Reason?? Some sort of stomach bug got me good. So I was taking it slow and just plain wasn't doing a whole lot. I am feeling better though.

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