Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Girly Girl

My little girl has really turned into a girly girl in the last few days. She got a very special prize when she went to Chuck E. Cheese, a fancy pair of earrings. When she first had them on she would barely move her head or even smile for fear they would fall right off. But since then she has gotten quite comfortable while wearing them. When she first saw them in the mirror she said... "Grammie Syl", she was now just like her Grammie!

She has become quite the "girly girl" lately. She has one her earrings and has even been wearing dresses around the house and when we go out. Amazing! She tells me that she has her "pretty dress on" or her "princess dress" on. I am not sure where she got the whole princess thing since we don't watch princess stuff. But she is liking it and I am not rocking the boat. I am enjoying seeing her in the dresses that I have bought and maybe seen her in them one time, if that.

She also found the dress she wore when she was a year. She has insisted that she wear it. It doesn't close in the back, but she doesn't care, so I let her wear it. My how she has grown since 1 year!

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  1. What a pretty little girl!! I think the princess thing is just part of being a little girl. We don't watch princess movies either and Julia is all about dressing like a princess. She loves dresses that have "twirl". When she wears a twirly dress she immediately starts a solo game of "ring around the rosy" so she can see her dress twirl. So precious1