Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Whole Enchilada Festival

On Sunday we decided to venture out and experience the Whole Enchilada Festival. At this festival they make the largest enchilada. I am sure if I was taller and could see them make the enchilada it would be an experience, but other than that it is just a large carnival with lots of vendors.

Mickey had a great time as she went on a merry go around for the first time. At first she wasn't to thrilled to be on these horses going around in a circle. The second time she had a better time. She also went on another ride where she went around in circles. She liked it until she went a little too fast. Luckily she was the only child on the ride and so the man running the ride was able to stop it so she wasn't traumatized.

Oh, just wanted to mention I have updated Mickey's monthly update here. There are some pictures that you may or may not have seen. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mickey's fun stories

Mickey has been potty trained during the day for 3 weeks now. I am constantly reminded with her that everything is on her own timetable. It doesn't matter what the books say or what other kiddos are doing or not doing... she goes by the beat of her own drum.

A funny that Mickey said yesterday:

Momma eating some french onion dip
Mickey: Momma you stink, brush your teeth. (Holding her nose and clear across the room)
Momma: It is almost time for a nap are you ready?
Mickey: No Momma, brush your teeth, you stink
Momma: How about a nap after momma brushes her teeth.
Mickey: HUGE SMILE and says "Oh wonderful!"

Mickey's imagination has been growing lately. She has been a dog and a cat for days on end. She stays completely in character. She will only meow or bark to answer your question. She will bring the ball in her mouth so that she can retrieve it. It has been fun.

Mickey's music class has also been a place to see her imagination growing. Mom's and kiddos often do activities together in the class. Such as child gets on mom's lap and we bounce to a song, or a play instruments together. My child does not do these activities with me, but with her beloved Sparky. She is the momma and Sparky is the child. It is actually quite cute. She keeps everyone on their toes.

Trip to see Grammie Syl

Seems like I have been out of contact for a while. Shame on me. :) Here are a few tidbits of what has been going on.

We went home to see my mom while my brother was briefly in town. Mickey just loves to be around her Grammie Syl and Uncle Dave. While we were there Mickey took ownership of a dress that I had when I was around her age. She loves her dress and calls it her "Strawberry dress", because it has a small strawberry on the front. Oh and don't you love her Elton John glasses, that she found?

During the visit I was able to see one of my friends from high school, Irene. This girl is a true gem. It was fun to catch up and see who we had seen or knew of since high school. There was a time when Irene and I were not meant to be friends. I was "going out" with a guy and she wanted to go out with him. So we were classic couple of girls fighting over some guy. A about a year or so after this we became friends and was one of the people that influenced me in giving my life to the Lord. So even though the relationship with the guy ended and so did the friendship there, I found a lasting friend that I am so grateful for.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We are lacking in the precious commodity around our house. I never knew how much I needed this commodity and how much I would cherish any amount I would get. I knew that the first year I would miss this so much but now that we are nearing our 3rd year, I wonder if I will ever see it again. Yes, that precious commodity would be sleep.

It would seem as if my little girl is going through another growth spurt. At least that is what I am calling it now since no other explanation makes sense. She doesn't have a cold, she may be teething but orajel is not working on those pesky molars. She goes to sleep and then wakes up in 20 minutes time and tells me "Momma I am so tired, but I can't sleep" then proceeds to tell me ALL afternoon that she is just TOO TIRED to eat, to play, to color, to do just about anything.

Then we cross the line of being TOO tired to being OVERtired. When a child gets overtired it is a nightmare.

Hopefully we will soon get it together and get some sleep.

On a positive note, Mickey has been in big girl panties since the last post. She has declared that diapers are yucky. She still wears them for naps and night time but I think our time is limited.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Big Girl

We have been on this road of potty training for awhile. We have taken the slow, no hurry, no stress approach to potty training. I am slowing learning that Mickey does things on her own terms on her own time schedule. Not surprising huh?

We have been through a long road with her getting comfortable with the potty. First the potty was a hat, a nice hat. Don't you think?

Then we moved on and I bought her big girl panties. Yes, you guessed it, she put them on her head instead of where they should go. I can't find the picture, but believe me she wore it quite nicely!

So, on Saturday when we came across those panties again, I showed them to her, not thinking anything. She saw them and wanted to put them on. So I let her. I explained on how we needed to keep them dry and she needed to tell me when she needed to go pee. (She has been pooping in the potty for over a month!).

We had a few accidents during Saturday. Saturday night we used our last pair and she was devastated. So we took a trip to our local store and bought plenty of big girl panties. She has been wearing them ever since.

Today was a huge step for us. We went to our music class and of course diapers are not an option so momma was prepared for accidents to happen. But she surprised me. We went to music class and came home and no accidents!

I am so proud of this little girl. We are still using diapers for sleeping. We are not there yet. But we will be soon enough!

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Bad Day

This song has been running through my head today, mainly because it has been a tough day. Not terrible, but one that was tough. It began with my lovely daughter waking up and telling me she needed a red crayon for her owie (and forgive me if I spelled that wrong). A red crayon is a crayon band aid. She specified a red one.

A few minutes later when we had situated ourselves in the living room. She begins to tell me about other owies that she had. I am still in the process of waking up and mornings are not my best time of the day. Just ask Jeff.

So I investigate and she has some sort of bite on the inside of her leg and I look some more and she has another one on her knee. After I look again the owie that I didn't think existed was another bite on the inside of hand where the crease is of the thumb and pointer finger.

So after calling the doctor and giving her some benadryl, and of course to my mom and Jeff, we started our day. Her bites stopped swelling and the nurse said we didn't need to go in. But that I needed to keep a watch on those. So I had a very tired, grumpy, hungry, little girl. This morning was very long. She took her nap at 11:15 this morning. Unheard of here.

When she woke up from her nap we took a bath. She fell and hit her chin in the bathtub. But somehow I managed to save the bath time and turn it into something that made her smile.

Then at the end of the afternoon she somehow managed to get behind the couch and get her foot stuck in one of those sticky mouse traps. UGH! We finally got all the sticky off her foot. And now she is watching "Strawberry shortcake" one of the oldies from when I was a kid.

I think that we are going to eat the lovely pizza Jeff is bringing home from work early and hopefully an early bedtime and hopefully tomorrow will be better. Thanks for letting me share my day. I know that in the scheme of things the day wasn't so bad. I am just not wanting another one!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Play Date?

We had a play date with Mickey's friend. As Katie and I were talking the kids got quiet which means something unusual is up. Then Katie's husband comes in and calls us into the kids room. This is what we found.....
They were laughing and having a grand ol' time. Of course I had to pull out my camera. Nicholas' dad said that they were just growing up too fast and it was much too early for him to be sleeping in the same bed with a girl. Later on they were holding hands as they went from room to room together. They were just too sweet today.

Picking Berries

We made a surprise day trip to see my mom yesterday. After the rain we went for a short walk. Mickey was having a good time exploring. Daddy captured this shot and I just love it. Hope you like it too.