Friday, September 5, 2008

A Bad Day

This song has been running through my head today, mainly because it has been a tough day. Not terrible, but one that was tough. It began with my lovely daughter waking up and telling me she needed a red crayon for her owie (and forgive me if I spelled that wrong). A red crayon is a crayon band aid. She specified a red one.

A few minutes later when we had situated ourselves in the living room. She begins to tell me about other owies that she had. I am still in the process of waking up and mornings are not my best time of the day. Just ask Jeff.

So I investigate and she has some sort of bite on the inside of her leg and I look some more and she has another one on her knee. After I look again the owie that I didn't think existed was another bite on the inside of hand where the crease is of the thumb and pointer finger.

So after calling the doctor and giving her some benadryl, and of course to my mom and Jeff, we started our day. Her bites stopped swelling and the nurse said we didn't need to go in. But that I needed to keep a watch on those. So I had a very tired, grumpy, hungry, little girl. This morning was very long. She took her nap at 11:15 this morning. Unheard of here.

When she woke up from her nap we took a bath. She fell and hit her chin in the bathtub. But somehow I managed to save the bath time and turn it into something that made her smile.

Then at the end of the afternoon she somehow managed to get behind the couch and get her foot stuck in one of those sticky mouse traps. UGH! We finally got all the sticky off her foot. And now she is watching "Strawberry shortcake" one of the oldies from when I was a kid.

I think that we are going to eat the lovely pizza Jeff is bringing home from work early and hopefully an early bedtime and hopefully tomorrow will be better. Thanks for letting me share my day. I know that in the scheme of things the day wasn't so bad. I am just not wanting another one!!

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  1. Hope this day is better! I know how you feel. We have had days that I wanted to end and start over before noon. There was one day when I made the kids "go back to bed", so we could start our day over again (with smiles) They probably thought I was nuts, but hey it worked and got rid of the grumpies!