Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Big Girl

We have been on this road of potty training for awhile. We have taken the slow, no hurry, no stress approach to potty training. I am slowing learning that Mickey does things on her own terms on her own time schedule. Not surprising huh?

We have been through a long road with her getting comfortable with the potty. First the potty was a hat, a nice hat. Don't you think?

Then we moved on and I bought her big girl panties. Yes, you guessed it, she put them on her head instead of where they should go. I can't find the picture, but believe me she wore it quite nicely!

So, on Saturday when we came across those panties again, I showed them to her, not thinking anything. She saw them and wanted to put them on. So I let her. I explained on how we needed to keep them dry and she needed to tell me when she needed to go pee. (She has been pooping in the potty for over a month!).

We had a few accidents during Saturday. Saturday night we used our last pair and she was devastated. So we took a trip to our local store and bought plenty of big girl panties. She has been wearing them ever since.

Today was a huge step for us. We went to our music class and of course diapers are not an option so momma was prepared for accidents to happen. But she surprised me. We went to music class and came home and no accidents!

I am so proud of this little girl. We are still using diapers for sleeping. We are not there yet. But we will be soon enough!

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