Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mickey's fun stories

Mickey has been potty trained during the day for 3 weeks now. I am constantly reminded with her that everything is on her own timetable. It doesn't matter what the books say or what other kiddos are doing or not doing... she goes by the beat of her own drum.

A funny that Mickey said yesterday:

Momma eating some french onion dip
Mickey: Momma you stink, brush your teeth. (Holding her nose and clear across the room)
Momma: It is almost time for a nap are you ready?
Mickey: No Momma, brush your teeth, you stink
Momma: How about a nap after momma brushes her teeth.
Mickey: HUGE SMILE and says "Oh wonderful!"

Mickey's imagination has been growing lately. She has been a dog and a cat for days on end. She stays completely in character. She will only meow or bark to answer your question. She will bring the ball in her mouth so that she can retrieve it. It has been fun.

Mickey's music class has also been a place to see her imagination growing. Mom's and kiddos often do activities together in the class. Such as child gets on mom's lap and we bounce to a song, or a play instruments together. My child does not do these activities with me, but with her beloved Sparky. She is the momma and Sparky is the child. It is actually quite cute. She keeps everyone on their toes.

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  1. What a cute little puppy you have!! So darling to see little ones have such imaginative play.