Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Annual Dress Up Day

At this point in my week I had hoped to come here and share with you what Mickey is going to dress up as. Sadly, at this point the answer is "I don't have any idea".

Yesterday for our music class she was supposed to go dressed up as Cinderella. She has been obsessed with this girl, Cinderelly. She wears the slippers almost everyday and has even worn the dress a few times around the house. Yesterday she saw the dress and decided that no the dress is evil. As far as I can tell from her reaction the dress was threatening to eat her up if she got near enough to the dress to actually wear it.

So what does a mom do? This mom had to think on her feet and put some overalls on her, put her cowboy hat on and put some freckles on her with my eyeliner. She was a cute although short lived.

We have our annual "Animal Ball" event tomorrow night. And thought I would be "creative" and make her into a cat. So I cut out some ears and bought some face paint. Oh I also found a tail for this cat idea. Just a side note Mickey is very into cats so "I thought" this would be a no brainer. So tonight I thought I introduce her to the idea. Which she promptly rejected. *sigh*

So I thought I would put on some whiskers on my face to try to sell the idea. Oh no! That was a bad bad idea. She reacted like I was some sort of monster. She told me "I don't like it" and then as we went into the bathroom to wash it off, she told me "It is not working momma" (to the idea of me as a cat). After she helped daddy wash the whiskers off my face she was much more relaxed.

The one thing that she liked about the cat outfit is the tail. She regularly wears tails and this just fit right into her area of comfort.

So what to do tomorrow? Will she go as a cat dressed up with as a little girl? She can meow and act like a cat but look like a regular little girl? Will she go as the first cowboy that sports a tail so that the animals are more comfortable with the cowboy? Will she put on that Cinderella dress? Will she put on the monkey George outfit from last year?

Do I have the only kid who thinks that dressing up is for the birds? Hmmm.... Who knows what we will do but I know that we will have fun at the animal ball even if she goes as Mickey.

Mickey's 1st and 2nd Dress Up Day Outfits

Her Cinderella Dress

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