Thursday, October 30, 2008


Have you heard of NaBloPoMo? It is the National Blog Posting Month, which happens to be in November. The challenge is to post a blog a day for the entire month of November. That looks like a daunting challenge, but it is one I am going to do my best to accomplish.

Oh and an update about the animal ball tonight which is just a couple of hours away and I have no idea what Mickey is going to do. I have a strong feeling that she is going to go as "Mickey the girl". Yeah no costume. But I have come to the conclusion that the goal is for her to have fun whether she is dressed up as a very cute Cinderella or Cat. My daughter is a girl that knows what she wants and is comfortable being who she is. So it is my job to go with the flow and we will all have a good time, right?


  1. Did you sign up on the site and everything?!

    I'm looking forward to the "company."

  2. I did sign up. You have inspired me. :) Looking forward to the challenge.