Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stories from Elbow Turkey

Mickey was a hit at my Grandma's house. It took her a bit for her "real" personality to shine through, but soon she was her energetic and loud self. She loved to go up to Grammie Rose (her namesake)and give her a tickle in the side. Grammie Rose thought that this was fun and kept giving Mickey an over the top reaction which of course continued the process.

Uncle Marc & Auntie Yvette came over and Mickey thought that Uncle Marc was "interesting". She wanted to get close but with that loud booming voice, well at times she thought he was "Scary Uncle Marc". At one time she decided that she would read her paper (comic book) like Uncle Marc. She thought he was fun up until Dani came around. Dani is Uncle Marc's daughter.

Dani came inside the house and Mickey immediately stopped looking at Uncle Marc and went to Dani. She had to sit right next to her. Pretty soon, Mickey had her back away from the entire room and was engaging Dani. Telling her that she liked her bangs, and telling her that "I missed you". Remember that Mickey doesn't remember her last visit with Dani that was at her 2nd birthday. At one point in time she turned and told me that "Dani has teeth". She was just so amazed at this girl that had come to visit her. She had to read to her. Then she had to have her hair and shoes on that were just like Dani.

The next morning she declared that Uncle Marc and Dani were coming to visit her. She sure did like her. Oh and when I was getting the pictures ready to post she looked at them and said "That's Dani!".

We also got to see Uncle Ton and Auntie Rita. She was very interested in Auntie Rita's fingernails. I had to remind Mickey that those fingernails were not for biting. Mickey has a nasty habit of biting her own fingernails. When she has no more fingernails to bite she comes looking for mine. Oh what joys of a motherhood. We have told her many times that biting your fingernails is yucky. This in her mind, even when she saw cousin Zay biting a toothpick that she couldn't see she proudly and boldly said "Out of your mouth that is yucky, SON". To which my cousin who is in his 20's said "Yes, MOM".

Mickey also got reacquainted with her Auntie Lin and Uncle Andy. When she saw Auntie Lin she excitedly exclaimed "My friend came to see me". What a little character.

So we had a great time visiting family. The only problem is that the visit was much too short and Jeff couldn't be there. So we are already looking forward to our next visit.

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