Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Festivals

Mickey was true to form and did not get dressed up. She wore the same "costume" from yesterday and called it "Darby". I tried some different flowers for her face and she loved it. Here is a mommy tip for all who are interested.... Don't buy Halloween face paint to paint flowers on your child. It doesn't work because it just smears all over the place. Just go into your arts and crafts and get out that washable paint from Crayola and use that it works perfectly!

Then we went to a couple of churches that had Fall Festivals. She had fun playing the games and of course getting the candy. She did not know she was going to get candy so when she learned this piece of information she was on cloud nine. It was fun to see her get into the games this year. The only problem now is that she knows that she has candy so lets see how I can get rid of most of it without her knowing.

Now we are off to the Renaissance Festival today with Grammie Syl. I am sure we are going to be some tired folks after this weekend is over. But we will have fun doing it. I will be back with pictures of all of our fun!

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