Monday, November 3, 2008

I Voted

Election Day 2008. I hope you are going to vote or have voted already. I voted by absentee ballot since I wanted to make sure that I was not distracted while casting my vote.

So I bet you are curious who I am voting for. I was undecided for quite some time but finally came to a decision that I feel is the right one for me and my family. Curious yet? First let me tell you a story....

When I was about 8 or 9 my parents went down and placed their votes. I can't tell you what election they were voting for but for a child it seemed like it was important. What I can tell you is that politics was not discussed much in our house. My parents both had their views and what I knew is that they were not voting for the same person. I remember going to my dad afterward and asking him who he voted for. His answer would shape my life forever. His response to me was that "You never ask a person who they voted for because it was a private matter". I had a belief from that moment on that it must be against the law to ask who you are voting for. I was and often still am a rule follower.

I know now as an adult that you can share who it is you voted for. Just look around at all the signs and all the people talking about this vote. Some are definitely McCain fans and others are on the Obama side. I am sure that each and every person has a reason for why they voted for the way that they did. It may be because of their view on the war, or abortion or any other list of things that they are happy or unhappy about.

Maybe it is because of the length of this campaign has gone on, but I am a more informed voter this year. I have done my homework. So when casting my ballot I feel confident that I made a wise decision. I do hope that the tallying of the vote is not something that drags out for weeks or months. I am ready to move on toward our future whatever the case may be.

So who did I vote for? I am not telling, I still think that it is a private decision, although I don't think that it is illegal to ask.

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