Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mickey's Babies

Mickey has not be interested in her baby dolls, at least not until recently. She has a couple of baby dolls that she would play with a little bit. Which translates to removing all the clothes on them. I am not sure what her fascination was that all her dolls could not have clothes on them. Any doll of any kind as soon as she got her hands on them she would strip them of all clothing.

So imagine my surprise when on Monday we were playing in her room and took a liking to her two baby dolls and she wanted to PUT CLOTHES ON. She loved getting them dressed. She took care of them shushing them when they cried. Put them to sleep when they were sleepy and reassured them that she was right there and need not worry. We found an old basket that I collected throughout the years and made it into a bed for her babies. She is quite the little mother taking care of her young.

She asked me to take a picture of her with her babies. She is quite proud of her little family. And I am happy to report that as of today they are still clothed. I am enjoying her new imagination that she is developing.

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