Monday, November 17, 2008

My Little Chef

Mickey loves to help in the kitchen. I think that she is a little cook. I usually try to make sure that she gets to help in some way with our meals. She is very comfortable in the kitchen and always has to have her own spatula, spoon, or whisk so that she can help out with meals. I hope that she grows up to be a confident in her cooking skills and abilities. She is always very excited to tell her daddy that she helped make dinner. How great is that?! I also think that her helping in the kitchen has helped her try new foods. She has not been a fan of celery. During a night where she was "helping" momma cut up veggies for fried rice. Her job is to pick up the veggies and put them in a bowl so I can use them when I am ready. Anyway, this night she reached for the celery and started eating and said "Yummy celery!" I was a little surprised but glad that at least when she is helping out in the kitchen she is willing to try new things. It becomes a different story when she sits down to eat. She wants the food that she has already deemed okay.

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