Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Pumpkin

When we went to the corn maze we picked up out our pumpkin. This year I didn't think that we were ready to do the whole carving a pumpkin. Maybe it is because I am not so excited to stick my hand in the goo and create a mess. Last year I found this really neat kit that is made by the Mr. Potato Head people but it is made for your pumpkin. It is fun, silly, simple and best of all no mess to deal with. Last year Mickey wasn't into helping with the pumpkin but this year it was a different story, she loved putting the face on. I showed her the picture from last year and she just had to pose again with her pumpkin this year. I loved it. Maybe next year we will venture into carving a pumpkin but I enjoy the Mr. Potato Head pumpkin. :)

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