Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I am enjoying my day with my family, my mom, grandmother, Jeff and Mickey. I am looking forward to lots of good food. My mom is a great cook and so I know that we are going to eat well today.

Some traditions in our neck of the woods.

1. Mom gets up early to put the turkey in.
2. She cuts up the stuff for the dressing. We used to do the whole stuff the turkey until we figured out that no one particularly cared for the stuffing in the turkey. Took us years to figure this out.
3. Eat some dressing for breakfast and it has to be in a little bowl. Maybe even have a slice of pie.
4. Be kind of lazy throughout the day. Eventually take a shower.
5. Get the other sides of the meal together. We will each take a dish that we will prepare. My mom will make her red chili. Yummy and so good on the mashed potatoes that we will eat. Who needs gravy??
6. Eat, eat, eat!
7. Put in a movie and just hang out.

:) Hope you have a great Thanksgiving day with your family!

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