Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To Grandmother's House We Go

Over the rivers and through the woods to Grammie Syl's house we go. We are off to enjoy Thanksgiving with my mom today. I am looking forward to being home. My grandmother is also joining us so that is another blessing for us to enjoy.

I hope to take a lot of pictures to share with you when we get back home. Jeff will be joining us for a part of the trip. He hasn't been back for an extended stay since Mickey's 1st Thanksgiving. My how times have changed. That was back in the days when Mickey was into playing dress up in her food rather than actually having a taste. I am curious how much of the food she is going to enjoy. There are going to be her favorites there as well so I am not a bit worried.

I hope you and your family or friends will enjoy the day together.

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