Thursday, November 13, 2008

Too Many Pictures??

Before Mickey was born we invested in a digital camera. We are both love to take pictures. We thought that the birth of our new child would be a great time to upgrade. It was an investment that we have not regretted. We have taken a lot of pictures. I just looked at my file and it says we have 7710 photos already taken. Most of those photos have been of our very photogenic child. Mickey has since got a camera of her own. It is her play camera. I think someday when she is older we will get her very own camera but I think that she is a little young yet to fully understand how to take pictures. But this is a common site. She points her camera at me and says "Smile please, smile" it is just too cute. But it makes me wonder if we have taken too many pictures? I am thankful for all the pictures that we have taken and am glad that we have taken them.

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