Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Tree Lighting

Tonight we went to see our city's lighting of the Christmas tree. We enjoyed our journey out. It was beautiful the downtown mall with luminaries on the pathway. They also had vendors who were selling their arts and crafts.

Then Mickey spotted the horse drawn trolleys. She was so excited that we decided to stay and catch a ride. We saw the signs that stated where they went and thought it would take us near where we had parked. So we waited for the horses to come and pick us up. Mickey was so excited and enjoyed every minute of her trip. They told us that this would not be a round trip ride and we would have to get off on one of the next two stops.

So off on our trip we began. Suddenly we were going in the wrong direction than what we thought we were going. We decided to get off on the first stop and hopefully catch the next trolley and take us back to where we started from. We waited and waited and waited. While we were waiting we struck up a conversation with one of the ladies also waiting in line. She tells us where we are and that is just 3 blocks to where we need to be.

Jeff and I decided to walk back to our car and not wait for the horses. Which I think is a good idea. But remember the lady told us it was just 3 blocks away. It turns out it was probably 5 plus the extra walk back to our car. We made it even carrying Mickey the whole way (we forgot the stroller at home). We were sure happy to see our car.

So we need to remember that we need to know where we are headed before we get into another horse drawn trolley. But we had fun!

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