Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our "New" Christmas Tradition

I have been looking for an advent calendar to use with Mickey. I was disappointed because all I found was Santa calendars and I just didn't want one with Santa on it. So in my search I found a book that I am loving. It is the Usborne Advent Nativity Book. Each day you read the story of Jesus being born and each day the child gets to set up one more piece of the Nativity. I am a collector of sorts with Nativity sets and remember the joy of seeing the ones that my grandmother and my great grandmother had. So this is just my cup of tea. It is just right for small hands and curious little ones to manage and take ownership of. This one is all hers and she is clearly enjoying it. At the end of the Christmas season when we put all of our stuff away, the Nativity pieces will all go back into the book for safe keeping for next year.

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