Saturday, December 13, 2008

Proud of My Mickey

My Mickey made me a proud and happy momma today. She doesn't do well when I leave her at the house with Daddy and sometimes with Grammie Syl. A while back we checked out a book from the library titled, "Momma ALWAYS comes home". We read and reread this book many times. Today, I just needed a break and decided today would be a good day to get my hair cut. So I told Mickey this morning that "Momma was going to work today". She has the concept down of Daddy going to work so we have used this when I have needed to go away for a little bit. She cried and told me "No Momma, Mickey go to work". So I wasn't sure that when the time came for me to go that she was going to take it very well. The time came and I told her I was going to work. She cried for a little bit and then went to Daddy and she was comforted. A few minutes later she seemed to be doing well and telling us that "Momma was going to work". I left to get into the car after hugging her and telling her I was going to come back, because Momma always comes home. She waved to me and all was well. Her and her daddy had a great time together. I had a good time getting my hair cut. Little blessings. :)


  1. Lovely story. I think the book might have helped. It sure is nice to get away for a bit isn't it?

    Your Mickey is a doll! Happy New Year.

  2. It is wonderful to get out for a bit! I just need to do it more often. The book was wonderful and she has even told me a few times since then that "momma always comes home". :)

    Happy New Year to you too!