Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Birthday Moments

Okay so Mickey's birthday has been a couple of weeks ago and I am just now writing a post about it. I am behind in my posting to say the least but I am hoping that I get these posts that I have running around in my head out so you can read them. ;)

The day before Mickey's birthday we made a trip to the doctor. I thought she was getting sick and maybe had an ear infection. Our doctor looked in one ear and said "huh" and then looked in the other ear and said "huh" again. Then she said "well, I looked in one year and saw something green and looked in the other year and I saw something pink". This was not what I expected. So our doctor was able to take one green round bead out of her left ear. We had to visit a ENT to retrieve the nice pink bead out of her right ear. My theory is she was playing dress up and put the beads in her ears because they were "earrings".

I tell you this little story because we were intending to leave and go see family in Albuquerque that day to celebrate her birthday with family. That didn't happen and we then decided to celebrate her birthday at home and head up to see family on Christmas day.

We started the day with a birthday candle in her doughnut that daddy got for her. She was so excited to get birthday "fire" first thing in the morning. We then spread out her gifts so she get one or two throughout the day. This was wonderful because she got to really play with her gift and get overwhelmed with all the gifts at one time. Her first gift was one that her Uncle Dave sent her. I have to say that it was one that was a real hit. It was Melissa and Doug's play food. This play food is special as it looks real life and size it comes with a knife so she can "cut" it open. She loves cutting up her food and investigating it.

Then she got to blow out her birthday candles on her butterfly cake. Boy she loves this part of the day. She sings happy birthday with us and blows out her candles. The fun part is that we get to do it again.

So this was Mickey's birthday. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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