Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas with Family

We headed up to see my extended family on Christmas day. Mickey continued her new favorite activity of opening up gifts. I think that she was beginning to think that this was something that was going to continue on a daily basis. She got to get reacquainted with family that she does not get to see that often. She really loves her Auntie Lin & Uncle Andy. I got one decent picture of Mickey and with them.

She also found a new favorite person while we were up there, Uncle Ton. She even began to call him Grandpo Ton. This put a smile in my heart. They bonded over howling. We told Uncle Ton & Auntie Rita about Mickey enjoying her imagination and love for pretending to be a dog. So before I knew it Uncle Ton began to howl and howl they did together. It was fun.

We also enjoyed eating homemade Tamales and Posole. Yum. There is nothing like my families tamales. It is a family tradition and experience. They make them the weekend before Christmas and pretty much eat them everyday until they are gone! We got our fair share!

We also went exploring. We decided that we had some free time so we were going to go to a natural history museum. So off we went only to find a children's museum, called Explora! It was a hands on place that encouraged little hands to explore the world around them. It was great for a very curious 3 year old.

The one down point to the our trip was the fact that we were sick. I started getting sick on our way up, while Jeff got sick as soon as we got home. All in all we enjoyed our annual trip up north to visit family.

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  1. I've taken my kids to Explora. It's a bit old for the little ones, but Tracey can spend all day there. I mostly hung out in the toddler room with the littler ones.