Saturday, January 10, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

We celebrated Daddy's birthday late this year, due to traveling and sickness. Jeff asked for my apple pie for his birthday. He is one for pies on his birthday being the nontraditional guy that he is. Mickey has come to thoroughly enjoy birthday candles, so she just had to help her daddy blow out his birthday candles. She sung "Happy Birthday" to her daddy, sometimes getting the "Daddy" confused with "Mickey". So Daddy and Mickey decided to blow out the birthday "fire" together.

I have enjoyed seeing the relationship that Daddy & Mickey have. Jeff is a great daddy to his little girl. At times he is the guy that she snuggles with at night right before bedtime. Other times he is the hero that kicks out the "monsters" out of the house so that Mickey can sleep comfortably. He is the daddy that is overjoyed to share his birthday candles with his little one. They often disappear outside to do yard work, with Mickey using her own tools right along side of her daddy. Those two have a special bond.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!


  1. Happy Birthday Jeff! Wow - you guys sure have a busy Dec/Jan. Lots going on.

  2. Yes, we do...wam, bang, boom...and before we know's the new year...