Thursday, January 22, 2009

Growing Up

My baby girl is quickly becoming a "big girl". For some reason today it hit me that she is not a baby anymore and that kind of made me sad. This week has been a week of exploring if you will. She was in a music class where the kiddos were at least a year younger than she was. So we tried out a music class that was more her age group. She loved it! And she loved the supplies that she got to bring home. She has been playing with the game and making music nonstop. She will be doing 30 minutes of class by herself and 15 minutes with mom. I am excited for this new opportunity for her and a little sad that she is old enough to be doing things on her own. Though at times the days can be difficult and I wish that she was older so that "maybe" it would be a little easier; I also wish for time to stop and that she would stay this small a little while longer. I suppose I am experiencing a little bit of growing pains today.

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