Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Sweet Girl

Today I was struggling with a migraine and I was home alone with my little girl. She was being particularly whinny today due to that last tooth coming in. I was not in the best of mood because I was in pain. She wanted me to find something that doesn't exist in our house. She was telling me that it was raining inside and she needed her "Cinderella brella". I am sure that there is a Cinderella umbrella out there somewhere but not here and not today.

I got up to find something that would be a suitable replacement but before I could my head felt like it was going to explode. I must have looked awful, because at that moment my little girl knew that I was sick. She changed her tone and immediately felt it was her duty and responsibility to take care of her mother. She gave me pretend medicine, rubbed my head. Then she climbed on my lap and gave me sweet kisses. She even allowed me to rest my head on her beloved "Lady Bug" pillow that her Uncle Dave gave her. That alone was quite the miracle. She sat with me and every once in awhile gave me kisses. She "took care of me" while we waited for daddy to get home.

That is my sweet girl. :)


  1. Our daughter can lady bug pillow is something that she really has refused to allow anyone to use except is so soft, plush and such a wonderful throw pillow...thanks Uncle Dave!
    Jeff Howe

  2. Awwww... how sweet. Hope you are feeling better. I know migraines can be awful. Been there, done that!