Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thank you Sarah!

I wanted to take the time out tonight to thank a friend of mine, Sarah. We met because of our daughters they have music class together. Since then Sarah has become my little girl's Sunday school teacher. Today when we went to open gym, Mickey was just having a hard time. She misses her daddy since he has been away for work. She isn't sleeping well and was having break downs in what was supposed to be a fun day out. I took her out and we sat waiting for Mickey to calm down and my daughter decided that she wanted a hug from Sarah. So we went back in and Sarah having a great mother's instinct held my daughter and got her to a place that she was enjoying her gym experience again. Sarah didn't have to hold my daughter but she did and gave me a bit of a reprieve in a long day. Sarah does a lot of things that she doesn't have to. She does it in a way that is quiet but through her quietness she speaks volumes. So thank you my dear friend for being a friend to me. I hope that I am able to return to you what you have given me.

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