Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yes, that was my child!

You know when you are in the store and you hear that tantrum ringing out from a child nearby? Inside you are secretly happy that it was not your child?? Yesterday at Wal-mart that child was mine! My oh my, was that child, my child.

I am not sure why the 2's are called the terrible two's they were not so bad for us, but 3's boy they are starting out being a tyrant! Yesterday, Mickey was tired from the lack of sleep the night before. We needed groceries so off to the store we went. We probably should not have made that not so quick stop to make an exchange before and we paid for it dearly!

Mickey did relatively well until the very end. She needed to go potty but first wanted to do it at home. Um... home is still 15 -20 minutes away b/c we still haven't checked out. Then she wanted to go potty in the potty seat we carry in the back of the truck for emergencies. Um... not doing that since there is a perfectly good potty in the store where it is not chilly and not windy! So off I went to take her to go potty. We had to wait in line where she is complaining about not wanting to go... but I don't want an accident before we get home. So we get into the stall and I put her on the potty and she let's out an ear piercing scream. So loud, mind you, that Jeff hears her while he is waiting in line half way across the store. Yes, it was loud.

She then decided she wanted one of those toys that they put in the checkout lines that make parents dread checking out. Mickey is tired and I am trying to just make it to the car. So after some tears I decide it is time to go out to the truck and wait for Jeff to check out there. We make it almost to the foyer and down she goes, a full out tantrum. UGH!

So I let her have it right there. I apologize to those around me. Then an elderly couple is walking by and they just smile that knowing smile that yes, they have been there too. The lady looks at me and then down at Mickey and says to me "That is okay, it just means that she wants to go home with me". Mickey got up so fast because she is not going to go home with anyone but me.

I find a time to get to go with me and head out the door with her. She realizes that we are now leaving the store without the precious toy that she thinks she so desperately needs. She begins to kick and scream as I am carrying her out under my arm. We get out to the parking lot only to realize I went out the wrong door and now have to walk across the entire parking lot to get to our truck. But not my daughter has managed to get out of my arms. I am almost panicking because a parking lot with people driving and a out of control 3 year old is a recipe for disaster. But I look up and I see a cart and pluck her in it. She is still screaming and telling me she wants to go back into the store....

Finally we reach the truck and she freaks out more because she knows it is our truck and that means we are going to get into it. A man then is walking with his daughters and tells me that he knows all to well these tantrums... and by the way he is done with having children. Not exactly what I needed to hear. I get her in the carseat and let her cry it out. Daddy gets out to the truck and amazingly we ride home in silence.

Now aren't you glad that it was my child and not yours??


  1. That could have easily been one of my children. In fact, that little scenario has played itself out more times than I want to admit. Year 3 was probably the most difficult for Isaac as well. Hang in there.

  2. I can totally feel your pain.