Thursday, February 5, 2009

Counting in Spanish

Today Mickey and I were playing a game online, "Handy Manny" from the Disney channel. We were finding keys and Manny began counting in Spanish. He said Uno, dos and then Mickey shouted "Tres". Then she proceeded to count to five in Spanish. I was a little shocked because I have never taught her this.

We called Grammie Syl and Mickey demonstrated her new skill. She loved it (both Grammie and Mickey). Then Daddy got home from working and she showed off again. I told Jeff that I never taught her this. Then he smiled and said that he had. While they are outside swinging he counts for her in Spanish and she has retained it. This was fun for both of us. We may have a little Spanish speaker on our hands if Jeff keeps teaching her. Maybe I will learn a thing or two also.

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