Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lost Daddy

Last week Daddy went away on business. Mickey did not do so well. She was heartbroken that she has lost her daddy. I felt awful being the one to tell her that we could not get in the truck to go and find him. Jeff is a great daddy and husband and I am so thankful that he is who he is.

Jeff fixed up a webcam on his computer so that he could send sweet and often funny videos to his little girl. Mickey loved it. He would send her videos that we would get in the morning and she would watch them over and over again. One day I allowed her to eat breakfast with her daddy. This is a sweet daddy who took time to be with his daughter even though he was a few hours away. Thank you for our hero, daddy. I am also thanking the Lord for modern technology!

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  1. Having breakfast with Daddy...that picture is priceless!