Friday, February 13, 2009

Outfits of a 3 year old

I am learning that being three means a sense of independence. Depending on the situation independence is a good and bad thing, at least for me the momma! When I hear the stool in the kitchen being moved around and then I find my 3 year old in a cabinet that she knows holds some goodies, independence a bad thing. Finding humor in the outfits my child chooses to wear, independence is a good thing.

Before we got the whole potty training down, underwear were often seen on her head. I thought that was a thing of the past. That would be a no, when she discovered that these make great hats. Thankfully we haven't had the need to go out and about in them yet.

Then we have rediscovered outfits that she hasn't worn in a year. These would be great if they still fit her but her little body has stretched out quite a bit in the last year and can you believe that those things just don't fit like they used to?

Then there is the whole compromise on dressing when she is leaving the house to go to music class or even to the grocery store. For music class she picked out a tank top to wear on one of the coldest days we have had this winter. I had to find a long sleeve shirt to make it work and she wore something warm and still got to wear the shirt she picked out. I didn't take a picture of her in that at the time due to just trying to get out the door. Today she wanted to wear her Dora pajamas out the door. A couple of problems with this idea. 1) It is the wrong season, 2)It is a little short since she is growing and 3) they are pj's. This did not stop her. She said to me "I know what to do" and returned with a turtle neck all ready to make a very unique outfit. She actually didn't do that bad. She kind of reminds me of a flower child. :)


  1. We have those same Ariel jammies. Aren't they hilarious with what they want to wear? Don't worry, many children around the world are wearing panties on their head! Well, at least mine are, sometime it's MY panties on their head!

  2. Just have to tell you that you made me laugh! I have been lucky to have only HER panties on her head. :)