Friday, February 6, 2009

Princess Room

I am not that into princess stuff. I think that I am more of a tomboy when it comes to girly things. I think that when you are raised with a bunch of boys some of the more girly things get pushed back and then you realize that are not girly. My daughter is a girly girl. She loves everything princess. If you call a dress pretty and say it is a princess dress, SHE LOVES IT!

So my plan is to make her room a princess room. We worked on it last week and some this week and she loves it. I bought a shelf for her room to get the toys off the floor and make it so we can actually play in there (and maybe keep the rest of the house clean *crosses fingers*). Mickey put flower stickers all over the front of it and though I think that it looks a little psychedelic, she loves it. We put up a wall border (that is having a hard time staying up) that if princess. And today we will put up the rest of those princess stickers.

I still need to find a princess comforter and then we are moving her bed in there. I am hoping we will have a better time at this transition than we did when we tried it in the past. She is loving making her princess room and I am enjoying seeing the delight in her eyes.

Maybe I will also enjoy positives of the effort that we have made.

Maybe I will even have a cleaner house. :) Probably not but it is fun to dream though.

I will post pictures as soon as we are done. I think you might like it.

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