Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spa Day

On Friday, I was treated to a "Spa Day" by my loving husband. He had given me a spa certificate last Mother's day and due to an assortment of obstacles I had never used it. Last week Jeff went down to a wonderful day spa and booked me a day. A much needed day off!

So on Friday I got up and went to start my day with a massage! Let me tell you that one of my favorite things is a massage. And my back needed it greatly. It was the perfect way to begin a relaxing day. I had left Mickey home with her daddy and she didn't cry for me when I left. Which was a much needed blessing. So I didn't have to worry about her during the massage, I just relaxed.

After the massage, I went upstairs to get my hair done. I got highlights put in. Now if you are a facebook person and are my friend there, you know that I was not totally sold on it. I was still very out of it from my massage. So the lady could have told me that she was cutting off all my hair and giving me a mohawk and I would have agreed. Just letting you know where I was in it all. She put blond highlights in my hair and I mean A LOT of BLOND highlights in my hair. This Hispanic/Japanese girl has never done blond before. So I have had it a few days and it is growing on me. I just needed to take a little bit of time and realize that yes, it is a bolder look that I am used to, it isn't a bad change.

I was also treated to a mani and pedi. I had my nails done before my wedding so that was quite some time ago. I enjoyed getting my nails done. Next came the pedi. I have never done this. Something about someone touching my feet was a little frightening to me. But I LOVED IT! The massage of my feet and making them nice and soft. Painting my toes was nice. Mickey loved the painted nails too. We ended up going to the store and getting some sparkley clear nail polish for her. That has been a great thing for this little girl. It means that she isn't biting her pretty nails. Which has been a big thing since Mickey has a difficult time with biting her nails.

I have to report that Daddy and Mickey did very well. They had lots of fun painting and exploring and just having some good one on one Daddy & Mickey time. I am looking forward to another hour or two of time to get away and regroup.

Thank you Jeff for the break, I appreciated it more than you will ever know!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. I want a Spa day too!!!!!

  2. You need a spa day!! It was wonderful. Maybe I should be a little bug in Gabe's ear.