Monday, March 23, 2009

Ready to start the day

Have I told you that I am not a early riser?? I am just not a morning person and dread the morning. Not my daughter. She loves to wake up and see the new day. She wakes up and says "Morning time" and the proceeds to find an outfit for the morning. I would say find an outfit for the day, but she changes so much that it is usually only for the morning time. She loves to get dressed and start out the day. I am still groggy eyed and trying to find my way around and she is requesting breakfast. Somehow I feed her and we make it through the day. She also has the plans made for her day. This morning the talk was all about the carrots and broccoli that we are going to plant. She is loving that she is getting to plant a garden this year!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spanish Challenged Mom

I am Spanish Challenged. Anyone that knows me knows that I have struggled with this language for as long as I can remember. My first Spanish class was in the 7th grade. I also took it in high school and college. Now if that wasn't bad enough, my great grandmother, Grandma Chole, was from Mexico and only spoke Spanish. My grandparents speak Spanish and I believe it was their first language. My aunts and uncle (not sure on one of the uncles) but can all speak Spanish. My mother speaks Spanish although doesn't speak it very often.

When I was in college I applied for summer missions through the BSU (Baptist Student Union). I didn't know where I would be sent but I knew it could not possibly be Houston because I would NEED to know Spanish there. I remember my interview very distinctly. They asked if I spoke Spanish, I said no. Then after my interview one of the people that interviewed me came and sat down and started speaking Spanish. I can understand words here or there but nothing significant, mind you. Apparently my smile during his little talk (there others around) convinced him that I knew the language. This board unanimously voted to send me to Houston. No other missionary had that same pleasure of everyone thinking that they need to go a specific place. I was stunned because I thought that this was an impossible idea.

I went to Houston that summer and the following summer and also for a semester so I am very thankful that I was sent there. I learned my way around with the Spanish that I needed to use on a regular basis but now that I am not there I did not retain a whole lot. (Another reason why I am thrilled to have been sent to Houston is because that is where I met my hubby. :) ).

So I am telling you all of this to let you know that I am Spanish challenged. Why does this matter? Well we watch Deigo and Dora in my house. Deigo and Dora go between Spanish and English in their shows. They count in Spanish and use selective words that they reinforce during their show. My little girl loves this and she is soaking up the language. I learned this when I asked her to count something in a book. She could have counted in English but no she counted in Spanish. She alternates between counting in English and Spanish. She uses words in Spanish for things that she has learned on these shows. Words such as up, open, help. There are days that I wonder what she is saying and I have to think back to one of these shows to see what the word was.

I am in awe that this little girl is soaking up language in a way that has alluded me for years. Jeff is loving it and I am slowly learning a few words here and there. I need to pull out the video camera and get her to share her Spanish with you!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A couple more pics

Here are a couple more pics from the park yesterday. We made a plan to meet Daddy for lunch at the park. It was nice to meet Jeff for lunch during a work day. Mickey seized the opportunity to have daddy push her on the swing. I don't think that I have meet anyone who seizes the opportunity as much as a 3 year old. In her world there is nothing but the present so why not take advantages on opportunity. I think sometimes I can learn a thing or two from her approach to life.

Don't you just love how she wears her headband??
She looks like a blast from the 80's

Day At the Park

Yesterday we went to the local park. I love this park because of the big pond that is in the middle of it. We tried to feed some ducks although it was a rare time of the day that they were just not hungry. But we had fun anyway.

We took a walk and I found a nice boulder that was right in front of the lake. So I decided to try my hand at getting a shot of Mickey. I like them but in one of them I wish that I had a better setting that the fountain more in focus. But they are not bad as I playing with my settings on my camera. I am trying to get a feel for shooting in manual. I still have a ways to go. I will have to go back to the park on a day where Mickey's hair isn't so ummm... 'out of control'. :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cowboy Days

We made our 2nd annual trip to Cowboy days this weekend. We had a blast. One of the highlights of the day was the horse ride that Mickey was able to take. I thought she was going to be a bit nervous or scared when she got up to the horse. Not my little girl. She waited and waited for her turn and then was all smiles when she got up on her horse she didn't have a single nervous bone in her body. I have a animal lover on my hands. She has grown up since last year's visit. I find it fun to see how she has changed every year as we make visits to the same events. I can't believe what a "big girl" my baby has become. How has time gone by this quickly?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feeling Better

We are all on the mend and feeling better. I got this shot yesterday of my little girl. I am glad to see her personality coming through once again.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Is it over, yet??

We are still sick over here. Last night Jeff and I came down with the stomach flu. His is much worse than mine. I think mine is more of a 24 hour bug but his is much more painful. Please pray for our health and that we as a household can get healthy and over all these sicknesses.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Transitions. Change. Both of these words strike fear in me when I think that I am about to go through a transition or about to experience change. The last couple of days I have realized that I shouldn't fear them as much as I do.

Mickey has had a bottle since day 1. Now in the last 1 1/2 years that bottle has been filled with just water. It seemed to me that she just wasn't ready to be rid of the bottle so I didn't take it away. The last month or so I began to realize that she was indeed ready but unwilling. I have been searching for the right time to begin the transition and yet dreading it.

The last 2 weeks, Mickey has been sick. It seems like it has been a never-ending sickness. On Wednesday night she started throwing up. She would drink her bottle and then she would throw up again. This made for a long night. Because of this we decided to stop drinking bottles because the large amount water on a queasy stomach just didn't go well together. This made Thursday night a long night because she was used to going to sleep with her bottle. I didn't want to clean up another night of my child's throw up. She made it through and did rather well.

So now we are at Saturday night and she is still bottle free. She asks for it every now and then but the answer is that she can't have them anymore. She accepts this even though I know she doesn't like it. The part about this whole transition is that I didn't plan the day or even the how. I just did what was the best for her at the time. What I anticipated to be a huge fight has turned out not to be and has been a rather smooth transition.

Every major transition has been like this for us. Something that I knew was coming up and I knew was going to take a lot of effort just sort of happened for us. It happened in Mickey's own time. It didn't happen the way that the books told us it would or even WHEN the books told us to. It happened when she was ready.

I am learning as a parent to not dread the transitions as much as looking forward to see how they are going to happen in Mickey's timetable. She will let us know when she is ready and it is my job to guide her through it and be a comfort when she is not liking the change that is going on. Who knew that parenting would teach me so much?

p.s. As a family we seem to be on the mend. Even though we are not healthy but we are on the road to recovery.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Great Mickey Splash

Mickey has a habit when she gets upsets she runs to the potty. Now I am not sure why she does this. I am at the point where there are some things that I just resolve not to fully understand. I also don't understand why at times Mickey hates to have her hands washed and other times she becomes compulsive in washing her hands. Another thing that I don't understand just know it is as "that is is the way it is", is that if Mickey gets a drop of water on her clothing it must come off and she is in desperate need to change into a "clean" clothes.

This leads us to our adventure today. Mickey was upset because she wanted her nails painted red like her momma. I told her no, so in her upset mood she ran to the potty. Today, I decided not to go in and check in on her but to let her work it out herself. She then voluntarily decided to wash her hands and I can only guess is that she got her dress wet and came running into the living room without clothes. So we get her something new to wear.

We sit back and decide to watch an episode of Diego. I needed to get up and go and get something from my bedroom and I hear something. A strange sound and so I go and investigate. And then I saw... my stopped up sink overflowing with water. All over the carpet. Yes, a big mess.

We clean it up and Jeff found some water damage under the house. I have talked and talked to Mickey about "always turned off the water". So that was our day. We have now nicknamed the incident as "The Great Mickey Splash".

A Clean Closet

I am a believer that in any relationship there is a saver and a thrower. In Jeff's and my relationship I would be the saver. I come by it naturally I am in a line of savers. So over the years I have saved my share of things and many of those things are clothes. Clothes that are most likely out of date and definitely the wrong size.

So last week I finally made it my goal to clean my closet and get rid of clothes that are just no longer needed. Now that last sentence made it sound like this was easy and the process was easy. Let me tell you that it was anything but easy. To my surprise though it was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. I did have two helpers. Jeff was my go to guy that help me work through whether I needed to keep that shirt looked like I could have worn it back in the 80's (probably did) and so worn out will I truly ever wear that out in public again?! So in short he was my voice of reason. I had another helper, Mickey, who did more reorganizing than anything else. Reorganizing = taking stuff that I had already sorted and putting it in a totally random place so that I would have to resort again later.

I am happy to say that after cleaning it out I figured out that I am happy and excited about my new closet. I feel free of all that stuff that I didn't need anymore. So after I get over this cold I have a hall closet to do and then the biggie... my kitchen. Do you think that I will be able to get rid of more stuff??

p.s. I should have taken a before and after photo.... but I was too embarrassed to let anyone see the before. Yeah, it was that bad.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to the doctor we go

This morning I made a call to the doctor because of Mickey's nagging cough and the persistent fever. After the nurse talked with the doctor, she wanted to see Mickey. After a week of dealing with sickness in our house Mickey is not getting any better. What we found out is that her croup has now turning into bronchitis.

We did a nebulizer treatment in the office. This was just plain awful. Mickey hated it to put it mildly. She thought we were torturing her. We went home with a prescriptions for an antibiotic and an inhaler to help her cough. I am hoping for a decent night tonight and some relief to come. And hopefully no more trips to see the doctor.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A little morning humor

We have been sick in our house for a week now. When I saw "we", I really mean is that Mickey has been sick and taking momma & daddy along for the ride. This past week due to Mickey's breathing & constant coughing, I brought her into bed with me. Last night was the first night that I ended up sleeping on the mattress on the floor in Mickey's room.

This morning what I think was about 6 am Mickey and I decide to head to momma's bed to finish out our night. I also knew that Daddy was getting ready for work so I left Mickey in her room and went to make sure it was alright we come to my room. Jeff was in the bathroom brushing his teeth. I open up the door to the bathroom to touch base with him. He was still brushing his teeth when I left.

Can I confess now that I am not a morning person, in any way shape or form? Our bathroom doors are french doors that can lock from the inside AND outside. I in my sleepy state locked the doors from the outside. Yes, you heard me right, and guess who was still INSIDE the bathroom?? Yes, Jeff was still in there.

So I come back into the bedroom where Jeff is apparently trying to get my attention. Me in my sleepy state just wants to get back into bed and Mickey back to sleep. I get us comfy in bed. While Jeff is still trying to get my attention. I lay down and close my eyes. Then I hear the doors wiggling. Then the realization hit me that I had locked him the bathroom. Which is my worst nightmare being locked in a bathroom (which by the way happened when I was a kid). So Jeff, when you read this, I am so sorry!!!

I let him out and he went off to work, and I went back to sleep.


Mickey loves music. She has a whole collection of music and she is only 3. Some of our favorites are Laurie Berkner, Dan Zanes, Rachael Coleman (Signing time). More recently we have discovered records, my records from when I was a kid. I love that she is finding joy out of songs that I once found enjoyment day after day. Jeff got me a great gift which is a record player/tape player/cd player. The best thing about this is that it will convert my records and tapes to a cd and I think can put it on my computer. Love this!

I had been looking for a mp3 player that would be just for Mickey. But I was looking for very specific features such as had to be durable and withstand a 3 year old, had a speaker and not headphones and we could put our own music on it. I was surprised on what I didn't find out there in this land of technology. Then I stumbled on the SweetPea3. Grandpa Bob sent Mickey some birthday/Christmas money and guess what we got?? We got the SweetPea3. I love it!

Features that I love:
1. Durable
2. Has 3 playlists and 1gb of memory
3. Parent has complete control of volume
4. Mickey can replay a song or fast forward to the next song. There are 3 buttons. stop, reverse and forward.
5. Programable auto time off
6. Can put mp3 or wma files on it

We are very much enjoying the SweetPea3 in our house. But we actually call it "Mickey's sing song", because that is what she has named it. ;) The cost is normally $59.95 but this month if you use this coupon you can save $10. So if you have been looking for something like this I thought I would share the coupon with you. Just use this promotional code is: 24998.