Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Great Mickey Splash

Mickey has a habit when she gets upsets she runs to the potty. Now I am not sure why she does this. I am at the point where there are some things that I just resolve not to fully understand. I also don't understand why at times Mickey hates to have her hands washed and other times she becomes compulsive in washing her hands. Another thing that I don't understand just know it is as "that is is the way it is", is that if Mickey gets a drop of water on her clothing it must come off and she is in desperate need to change into a "clean" clothes.

This leads us to our adventure today. Mickey was upset because she wanted her nails painted red like her momma. I told her no, so in her upset mood she ran to the potty. Today, I decided not to go in and check in on her but to let her work it out herself. She then voluntarily decided to wash her hands and I can only guess is that she got her dress wet and came running into the living room without clothes. So we get her something new to wear.

We sit back and decide to watch an episode of Diego. I needed to get up and go and get something from my bedroom and I hear something. A strange sound and so I go and investigate. And then I saw... my stopped up sink overflowing with water. All over the carpet. Yes, a big mess.

We clean it up and Jeff found some water damage under the house. I have talked and talked to Mickey about "always turned off the water". So that was our day. We have now nicknamed the incident as "The Great Mickey Splash".

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