Monday, March 2, 2009

A little morning humor

We have been sick in our house for a week now. When I saw "we", I really mean is that Mickey has been sick and taking momma & daddy along for the ride. This past week due to Mickey's breathing & constant coughing, I brought her into bed with me. Last night was the first night that I ended up sleeping on the mattress on the floor in Mickey's room.

This morning what I think was about 6 am Mickey and I decide to head to momma's bed to finish out our night. I also knew that Daddy was getting ready for work so I left Mickey in her room and went to make sure it was alright we come to my room. Jeff was in the bathroom brushing his teeth. I open up the door to the bathroom to touch base with him. He was still brushing his teeth when I left.

Can I confess now that I am not a morning person, in any way shape or form? Our bathroom doors are french doors that can lock from the inside AND outside. I in my sleepy state locked the doors from the outside. Yes, you heard me right, and guess who was still INSIDE the bathroom?? Yes, Jeff was still in there.

So I come back into the bedroom where Jeff is apparently trying to get my attention. Me in my sleepy state just wants to get back into bed and Mickey back to sleep. I get us comfy in bed. While Jeff is still trying to get my attention. I lay down and close my eyes. Then I hear the doors wiggling. Then the realization hit me that I had locked him the bathroom. Which is my worst nightmare being locked in a bathroom (which by the way happened when I was a kid). So Jeff, when you read this, I am so sorry!!!

I let him out and he went off to work, and I went back to sleep.

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