Monday, March 23, 2009

Ready to start the day

Have I told you that I am not a early riser?? I am just not a morning person and dread the morning. Not my daughter. She loves to wake up and see the new day. She wakes up and says "Morning time" and the proceeds to find an outfit for the morning. I would say find an outfit for the day, but she changes so much that it is usually only for the morning time. She loves to get dressed and start out the day. I am still groggy eyed and trying to find my way around and she is requesting breakfast. Somehow I feed her and we make it through the day. She also has the plans made for her day. This morning the talk was all about the carrots and broccoli that we are going to plant. She is loving that she is getting to plant a garden this year!


  1. I hear you on the non-early riser thing. Isaac has always been an early riser. He gets it from Gabe!!! Now that Isaac and Julia will be sharing a room soon, I am sure she too will turn into an early riser. Oh well, I will be up with the baby anyway I am sure!!

  2. I'm the early riser in our clan....sorry Sweetheart!