Friday, March 20, 2009

Spanish Challenged Mom

I am Spanish Challenged. Anyone that knows me knows that I have struggled with this language for as long as I can remember. My first Spanish class was in the 7th grade. I also took it in high school and college. Now if that wasn't bad enough, my great grandmother, Grandma Chole, was from Mexico and only spoke Spanish. My grandparents speak Spanish and I believe it was their first language. My aunts and uncle (not sure on one of the uncles) but can all speak Spanish. My mother speaks Spanish although doesn't speak it very often.

When I was in college I applied for summer missions through the BSU (Baptist Student Union). I didn't know where I would be sent but I knew it could not possibly be Houston because I would NEED to know Spanish there. I remember my interview very distinctly. They asked if I spoke Spanish, I said no. Then after my interview one of the people that interviewed me came and sat down and started speaking Spanish. I can understand words here or there but nothing significant, mind you. Apparently my smile during his little talk (there others around) convinced him that I knew the language. This board unanimously voted to send me to Houston. No other missionary had that same pleasure of everyone thinking that they need to go a specific place. I was stunned because I thought that this was an impossible idea.

I went to Houston that summer and the following summer and also for a semester so I am very thankful that I was sent there. I learned my way around with the Spanish that I needed to use on a regular basis but now that I am not there I did not retain a whole lot. (Another reason why I am thrilled to have been sent to Houston is because that is where I met my hubby. :) ).

So I am telling you all of this to let you know that I am Spanish challenged. Why does this matter? Well we watch Deigo and Dora in my house. Deigo and Dora go between Spanish and English in their shows. They count in Spanish and use selective words that they reinforce during their show. My little girl loves this and she is soaking up the language. I learned this when I asked her to count something in a book. She could have counted in English but no she counted in Spanish. She alternates between counting in English and Spanish. She uses words in Spanish for things that she has learned on these shows. Words such as up, open, help. There are days that I wonder what she is saying and I have to think back to one of these shows to see what the word was.

I am in awe that this little girl is soaking up language in a way that has alluded me for years. Jeff is loving it and I am slowly learning a few words here and there. I need to pull out the video camera and get her to share her Spanish with you!

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  1. Kylee runs around our house shouting "ayuda me", "ayuda me". So I can totally relate to learning Spanish from Dora.