Saturday, March 7, 2009


Transitions. Change. Both of these words strike fear in me when I think that I am about to go through a transition or about to experience change. The last couple of days I have realized that I shouldn't fear them as much as I do.

Mickey has had a bottle since day 1. Now in the last 1 1/2 years that bottle has been filled with just water. It seemed to me that she just wasn't ready to be rid of the bottle so I didn't take it away. The last month or so I began to realize that she was indeed ready but unwilling. I have been searching for the right time to begin the transition and yet dreading it.

The last 2 weeks, Mickey has been sick. It seems like it has been a never-ending sickness. On Wednesday night she started throwing up. She would drink her bottle and then she would throw up again. This made for a long night. Because of this we decided to stop drinking bottles because the large amount water on a queasy stomach just didn't go well together. This made Thursday night a long night because she was used to going to sleep with her bottle. I didn't want to clean up another night of my child's throw up. She made it through and did rather well.

So now we are at Saturday night and she is still bottle free. She asks for it every now and then but the answer is that she can't have them anymore. She accepts this even though I know she doesn't like it. The part about this whole transition is that I didn't plan the day or even the how. I just did what was the best for her at the time. What I anticipated to be a huge fight has turned out not to be and has been a rather smooth transition.

Every major transition has been like this for us. Something that I knew was coming up and I knew was going to take a lot of effort just sort of happened for us. It happened in Mickey's own time. It didn't happen the way that the books told us it would or even WHEN the books told us to. It happened when she was ready.

I am learning as a parent to not dread the transitions as much as looking forward to see how they are going to happen in Mickey's timetable. She will let us know when she is ready and it is my job to guide her through it and be a comfort when she is not liking the change that is going on. Who knew that parenting would teach me so much?

p.s. As a family we seem to be on the mend. Even though we are not healthy but we are on the road to recovery.

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