Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pretend Play

I think her imagination has gone a little too far. My child just took off all her clothes and wrapped herself in a blanket and has declared herself a dog. hmmm... what is a mom to do??

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ferris Wheel

Last weekend we went to the carnival so that Mickey could ride the Ferris Wheel. The girl talked of nothing else but riding the Ferris Wheel for 3 or 4 days straight. So we headed out to see if we could make Mickey's dream come true.

I grew up in very tiny towns some of which had a small grocery store to get your basic bread and milk but anything else you had to drive a hour or two to get to the real grocery store. So going to big amusement parks was not in my world as a child. I think that I first visited Six Flags when I was a senior in high school. But I do remember going to a carnival or two and so it was fun for me to go with my daughter. She had a blast and could have stayed there all day!

She first saw the Ferris Wheel up close and changed her mind and didn't want to attempt that big ol' thing. But with daddy she became brave and went on her first Ferris Wheel ride. I am not sure if I have ever ridden one, the idea of it scares me a little. This girl loved her ride and talked of nothing else the rest of the day. She also had the chance to ride a train several times and the carousel. She had a blast and in the process we made some pretty good memories. I have a feeling that we will be visiting them again when they come back through town. :)

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mickey's New Abilities

Mickey has learned how to open the gate to the backyard. She has never practice this new ability but she pays extra attention and then decides that she can do something. Then she attempts and after a few tries is a master.

So this morning we were out working the garden. This garden has been a real learning experience for me. I am learning and hopefully it will pay off with some nice veggies this summer. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. ANYWAY, Mickey has learned to open the gate. And she loves to go and open the gate so she can get in the yard with the dogs or let them out. This morning she let them out. They were hanging around with us just waiting for an opportunity to escape. UGH. They did and went for a run down the neighborhood, without their collars. Thankfully my neighbor Mary, came to our rescue and helped us find our dogs. Mickey kept telling me what a nice lady she was. So now we are going to have to the talk of keeping the dogs in their yard so they don't run off. What a morning this has been and it is only 10 am. Whatever happened to lazy mornings??

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Whoa.... 2 posts in one night?! How can that be??

What can be more fun than bubbles? Bubbles with Daddy! Jeff is on the lookout for a bubble maker that isn't so messy. I am not sure one exists. But I love how he takes the time to be with her daughter who is truly a princess in his eyes. They love their "Daddy, Mickey Time". I am not sure who enjoys whose times more.

This quote has nothing to do with today's post. But it was cute so I had to share it...

Daddy: Mickey are you cold?
Mickey: No, I'm not cold.
Daddy: Okay
Mickey: I'm freezing.

Too cute.

Going on a Bear Hunt

On our recent trip to the library we came home with a book called "going on a bear hunt". Mickey has LOVED this book. I went searching on youtube to see if there was a video of the story. We have seen this many times and Mickey has learned the whole thing and has been singing the song. So I thought I would share our little treasure.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Precious Moments

I think lately I have been reminded to take each moment and not hurry past them. Mickey is not going to be this little forever and from what every parent tells me that time goes way too fast. I think that I am guilty of getting frustrated or am just plain worn out to see how precious this time is. I will focus on the frustration on not getting Mickey dressed as quickly as I "want" to. Instead of seeing the moments for what they are, Mickey experimenting with different choices of clothes. Or taking the time to read a story when I would much rather do something else that I want. But when I do take the time to be in the moment I gain the benefits of seeing the sparkle in my little girl's eyes. I gain the personal benefit of losing the stress and anxiety of not "getting it done". Change my focus point.

This video is Steven Curtis Chapman. The song is "Cinderella". At the end of the song he shares a story of writing this very special song after giving his two youngest daughters a bath. It is even more telling that his youngest child was killed in a car accident. It makes one think how precious these moments are and that we should not race through them and miss them.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Far, Far Away

So Mickey has told me that she was going to her other house far far away from here. To be exact she was going to live at her Grammie Syl's house. And her Grammie Syl & Uncle Dave (who doesn't live there) will take care of her.

If this is a foreshadowing of what is going to come in her teenage years I am not sure that I will survive those years. I think that she is just trying to show me that she is her own person and to do that she is showing me that she can be somewhere where I am not. At least she believes this in her head. But I am not sure how well this will play out in reality.

Here is a video of a song that I think is a good reminder:
Darius Rucker "It won't be like this for long"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

I'm gonna dance the night away....

This could be our theme song in our house lately. We went to our music class and Mickey saw a picture of a ballerina in her leotard and she was dancing. Ever since then she has been in her dancer outfit (swimsuit) and dancing the night and days away. We picked up a swimsuit that had a little tutu on it and she loves it. I think that I need to go in search on a real "dancer outfit" soon. But right now we are having lots and lots of fun!

And for your listening pleasure (especially you have little ones)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Anyone that knows us knows Sparky. You have even seen countless pictures of Sparky in pictures with Mickey. He can often be seen tucked in her shirt or in her arms. So today I had a few minutes of sheer panic today. I went looking for Mickey's lovey affectionately known as Sparky and could not find him. I looked everywhere that I could think of, twice, and still no Sparky to be found.

Let me back up a little bit.....

Today Jeff gave me a great gift of a massage at a local spa before he left town. He also got to spend some good quality time with his little girl. They had a blast. He went and washed the truck and took Mickey through the carwash. She told me all about it when I returned home. Here is what she told me:

Mickey: I went to the wash Momma... I didn't like it. But daddy went WooHoo! (Silly girl)

After the carwash they head over to Sam's to get milk and also get some flowers for Momma. Mickey helped pick them out. Which is probably the point where Sparky was dropped on the floor and Mickey and Daddy walked off without him.

So flash forward to later this afternoon (after Daddy left). I am looking for good ol' faithful dog and can't find him anywhere. I panick and text Jeff and ask him where the dog is. He tells me to the look in the truck. I have already but I go back and figure out that no he is not there. Mickey is not worried at this point (thank goodness!).

I call Jeff in a panick and tell him that I don't know where he is and I can't loss the dog and have daddy gone in the same night. I won't survive! Jeff realizes his wife is in a panick and tells me that he will call Sam's and see if he is there.

He calls Sam's and they answer and yes they have him but can he describe the dog? Jeff describes the dog and also tells them what is on the dog's collar.

So Mickey and I get into the car and go to Sam's to pick up Sparky. This is the point that Mickey is realizing that something is wrong. She wants to see her Sparky. We get to Sam's and they give us Sparky and Mickey hugs him like she has missed him for days. I am thankful that Mickey will now get to go to sleep with Sparky.

And Jeff if you are reading this... THANK YOU! for calling and finding out where Sparky was. I truly appreciate it when you understand my panic. Love you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Walks

When Mickey and I were visiting Grammie Syl one of our daily habits was to go for a walk. It was fun for all involved. The only thing that I wished was that it was warmer and not so cold. Sometimes I think that Sierra was going out of obligation as she really wanted to be back at the house resting and getting warm.

While we were home I seemed to visit Wal-Mart quite often. I go here maybe if I am lucky once every 2 weeks. But there is just something about the Wal-Mart back home where we are just drawn to it and must visit it on almost a daily basis. Thankfully it is not has crazy there as it is here or I would have some serious issues. On one of the trips I found a camera for $9 that I bought as a started camera for Mickey(Trip 1). I ended up taking it back as it was just not working and too much of a pain(trip 2). So I bought the one I had been eyeing for some time. Thankfully that day I also had to go to Radio Shack to get a part for my mom's tv. While I was there I saw the camera I just bought for half the price that also came with a carrying case. So I bought and had to return the one I just bought (trip 3). See that was 3 trips in 3 days and that does not count all the other trips that I took there. But the real reason why I am bringing it up is to tell you that while we were on our walks Mickey took her camera and took many pictures of what she calls "branches". She loved taking pictures of branches. Silly girl. It was rather fun to see life through her eyes.

So here is a share of some of Mickey's pictures as well as some of mine. Maybe we have created a little photographer? She is very happy to have her camera. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter through the Years

Happy Easter!
We had a quiet day yesterday, due to momma being sick. I think that we will venture out in a few days and do the whole hiding of the Easter eggs in our yard. We took Mickey to a Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and she loved it. I was amazed on well she did on picking up the eggs and how excited she got. I know that Easter isn't about eggs, candy, or the bunny but it is a part of childhood that she is getting to enjoy. I have been talking to Mickey about Jesus and how God loves her. And she understands at her own level. Right now she is fascinated with John the Baptist and him eating bugs. She learned this story in Sunday School and she can tell me he eats bugs and honey.

I looked at pictures of Mickey through the years on Easter and I am amazed how she has grown and changed. She still has her captivating smile and her lively personality. I just thought I would share a few with you.

1st Easter

2nd Easter

3rd Easter
4th Easter

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baked Potatoes

One of Mickey's favorite food is baked potato with cheese. At home, we pop our potato in the microwave in our nifty potato maker. Just 5 minutes and we are done. When we went to Grammie Syl's house we do things differently. My mom's microwave is broken so we do things the way we used to do them before microwaves. And Mickey had a blast learning something new.

First you have to wash the potatoes. No idea why Mickey is "scared" of the washing process.

Now we butter the potatoes. Mickey does not want to get her
clean fingers dirty with the butter.
Now to put the foil around the potatoes
The last step to show everyone the job well done!
They turned out delicious! Thank you Grammie Syl and Mickey for the yummy potatoes!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Girls are back in town

Mickey and I went to visit Grammie Syl which turned into a longer visit than anticipated. I took some photos while I was there that I will share with you this week. One thing about being at my mom's house is that it was cold. I don't like the cold very much and was very glad to be back home where I was warm.

Before we left we had started preparations for a garden. So we started planting the plants that Mickey started from seeds. She is very interested on things growing. I am loving it! I will take you on our journey into gardening our own veggies, but for now I just wanted to share one picture with you. Then when get back to normal (not exhausted anymore) I will share more with you.