Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baked Potatoes

One of Mickey's favorite food is baked potato with cheese. At home, we pop our potato in the microwave in our nifty potato maker. Just 5 minutes and we are done. When we went to Grammie Syl's house we do things differently. My mom's microwave is broken so we do things the way we used to do them before microwaves. And Mickey had a blast learning something new.

First you have to wash the potatoes. No idea why Mickey is "scared" of the washing process.

Now we butter the potatoes. Mickey does not want to get her
clean fingers dirty with the butter.
Now to put the foil around the potatoes
The last step to show everyone the job well done!
They turned out delicious! Thank you Grammie Syl and Mickey for the yummy potatoes!

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