Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter through the Years

Happy Easter!
We had a quiet day yesterday, due to momma being sick. I think that we will venture out in a few days and do the whole hiding of the Easter eggs in our yard. We took Mickey to a Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and she loved it. I was amazed on well she did on picking up the eggs and how excited she got. I know that Easter isn't about eggs, candy, or the bunny but it is a part of childhood that she is getting to enjoy. I have been talking to Mickey about Jesus and how God loves her. And she understands at her own level. Right now she is fascinated with John the Baptist and him eating bugs. She learned this story in Sunday School and she can tell me he eats bugs and honey.

I looked at pictures of Mickey through the years on Easter and I am amazed how she has grown and changed. She still has her captivating smile and her lively personality. I just thought I would share a few with you.

1st Easter

2nd Easter

3rd Easter
4th Easter


  1. The time spent waiting for the egg hunt...25 minutes.
    The cold wind and light hail we endured while waiting ...miserable
    The look on Mickey's face while finding eggs...priceless!