Friday, April 17, 2009

Far, Far Away

So Mickey has told me that she was going to her other house far far away from here. To be exact she was going to live at her Grammie Syl's house. And her Grammie Syl & Uncle Dave (who doesn't live there) will take care of her.

If this is a foreshadowing of what is going to come in her teenage years I am not sure that I will survive those years. I think that she is just trying to show me that she is her own person and to do that she is showing me that she can be somewhere where I am not. At least she believes this in her head. But I am not sure how well this will play out in reality.

Here is a video of a song that I think is a good reminder:
Darius Rucker "It won't be like this for long"

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  1. That video made me cry because it is so true. It is bittersweet to see my children grow and change and sometimes it catches me off guard. Better to soak in every moment than to look back and know that you missed it all.

    Just a funny.... tonight in the ride home Isaac said to me that he wants to always live with us in our house so he won't have to spend his own money to buy his own house. He cracks me up!