Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Walks

When Mickey and I were visiting Grammie Syl one of our daily habits was to go for a walk. It was fun for all involved. The only thing that I wished was that it was warmer and not so cold. Sometimes I think that Sierra was going out of obligation as she really wanted to be back at the house resting and getting warm.

While we were home I seemed to visit Wal-Mart quite often. I go here maybe if I am lucky once every 2 weeks. But there is just something about the Wal-Mart back home where we are just drawn to it and must visit it on almost a daily basis. Thankfully it is not has crazy there as it is here or I would have some serious issues. On one of the trips I found a camera for $9 that I bought as a started camera for Mickey(Trip 1). I ended up taking it back as it was just not working and too much of a pain(trip 2). So I bought the one I had been eyeing for some time. Thankfully that day I also had to go to Radio Shack to get a part for my mom's tv. While I was there I saw the camera I just bought for half the price that also came with a carrying case. So I bought and had to return the one I just bought (trip 3). See that was 3 trips in 3 days and that does not count all the other trips that I took there. But the real reason why I am bringing it up is to tell you that while we were on our walks Mickey took her camera and took many pictures of what she calls "branches". She loved taking pictures of branches. Silly girl. It was rather fun to see life through her eyes.

So here is a share of some of Mickey's pictures as well as some of mine. Maybe we have created a little photographer? She is very happy to have her camera. :)

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