Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Anyone that knows us knows Sparky. You have even seen countless pictures of Sparky in pictures with Mickey. He can often be seen tucked in her shirt or in her arms. So today I had a few minutes of sheer panic today. I went looking for Mickey's lovey affectionately known as Sparky and could not find him. I looked everywhere that I could think of, twice, and still no Sparky to be found.

Let me back up a little bit.....

Today Jeff gave me a great gift of a massage at a local spa before he left town. He also got to spend some good quality time with his little girl. They had a blast. He went and washed the truck and took Mickey through the carwash. She told me all about it when I returned home. Here is what she told me:

Mickey: I went to the wash Momma... I didn't like it. But daddy went WooHoo! (Silly girl)

After the carwash they head over to Sam's to get milk and also get some flowers for Momma. Mickey helped pick them out. Which is probably the point where Sparky was dropped on the floor and Mickey and Daddy walked off without him.

So flash forward to later this afternoon (after Daddy left). I am looking for good ol' faithful dog and can't find him anywhere. I panick and text Jeff and ask him where the dog is. He tells me to the look in the truck. I have already but I go back and figure out that no he is not there. Mickey is not worried at this point (thank goodness!).

I call Jeff in a panick and tell him that I don't know where he is and I can't loss the dog and have daddy gone in the same night. I won't survive! Jeff realizes his wife is in a panick and tells me that he will call Sam's and see if he is there.

He calls Sam's and they answer and yes they have him but can he describe the dog? Jeff describes the dog and also tells them what is on the dog's collar.

So Mickey and I get into the car and go to Sam's to pick up Sparky. This is the point that Mickey is realizing that something is wrong. She wants to see her Sparky. We get to Sam's and they give us Sparky and Mickey hugs him like she has missed him for days. I am thankful that Mickey will now get to go to sleep with Sparky.

And Jeff if you are reading this... THANK YOU! for calling and finding out where Sparky was. I truly appreciate it when you understand my panic. Love you!

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  1. Oh, I so understand. Been there more times that I care to recall. Afterward, I always laugh at myself for how upset I get about the missing "friend".... more so than the kids.