Sunday, May 31, 2009

60 Years

Last Sunday we took a trip up north to celebrate 60 years of marriage of my paternal grandparents. Due to life events I haven't seen most of this side of my family in a very, very long time. So it was good to reconnected with cousins that I have been trying to find for several years.

Ed & Sachi were married 60 years ago in May. They met in Japan when Ed was a GI a service man in the military. I wish I knew more of the story but I just don't. Maybe someday I will get that story. What I do know is that married, they moved to the United States, they raised 4 boys, lost one son when he was still a very young man and spent 60 years together. I am sure that their marriage was one of ups and downs, celebrations and grief and life.

To join them in their celebration were their 3 surviving sons,
their grandchildren,
new friends and long time friends.

One of the more endearing parts of the evening was when one of Sachi's friends got to sing a traditional Japanese songs and to do a traditional Japanese dance. Sachi and the two ladies above have been friends for a long time. It seems like the Japanese community always finds each other and their friendships stay strong.

In case you were wondering how Mickey did throughout this big event. She did just fine. She found herself some friends and joined right in the fun. She posed for pictures, picked flowers and overall enjoyed being one of the kids.

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