Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Be in More Pictures

I have been MIA. I have a good reason I promise. I am getting ready for a yard sale which means that this saver needs to become a giver. I keep things that I am do not completely understand the reason as to why I keep things. So the fact that I am going through my kitchen, closets and so many other areas is completely unnatural to me. My house is a mess with piles of stuff but I am hoping that getting rid of the clutter will be a good thing.

But that is not the reason for this post. I am a frequent blog reader and I read one today that made me think and agree with. This is a mom and photographer who is urging us to be in more pictures with our children. We are going to cherish those photographs so much in the future. I am guilty of this and have many excuses but I think that no matter what those excuses are not really valid reasons. So I am going to try to follow this ladies advice and take more photos with Mickey. Here is the post I think that you should read this. Thank you Miz Booshay!

Tomorrow I will share my pictures of the Tour of the Gila!

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