Friday, May 1, 2009

Flying Solo

Jeff has been out of town this week on business. So it has just been Mickey and I. So I guess I am not really solo. So that is the reason for my absence. It is not really because I don't have anything to say it is just been distracted elsewhere this week.

Last Saturday we made our way to B&N for their story hour since we learned that there was going to be a special visitor or two there.

First there was Mr. Moo Cow
from Chick a lay (chick-fil-a)

Then there was Pooh Bear
Can you just see the pure awe in her face. She has never wanted to get close to animated characters before. Actually you could just see her shaking in her shoes when she saw the likes of the Easter Bunny or Santa at the Mall. But Pooh Bear, is an all together a different story. I didn't think that I was going to be able to tear her away from him.

She how she just parked herself right in the middle of her new buds.

Also this week Mickey made some strawberry shortcake. This girl loves fruit and strawberries are not exception. I thought for awhile we were not going to have enough strawberries because she was eating them so fast as I was cutting them up. But alas, we made enough and she had her strawberry shortcake. And yes, she is still a dancer in her swimming suit (on those moments she is not a princess or a dog). :)

We are also still trying to make a go of this garden. I have to say that I am very grateful for all those farmers out there that work hard to put food on our tables. I think that if it were left to me to grow our own food we just might starve. But we are looking at our gardening experience as a learning and growing one that will help for further endeavors. So we are trying again with Mickey's seeds that I put out to early. So we bought another round of pumpkin, watermelon and sunflower seeds. I am happy to report that the cantaloupe that I have started from seeds outdoors are not coming up. Hopefully we will get some nice melons out of it, since they are Mickey's favorite.

So hopefully that is a good post with some pictures to hold you over until I get back from our short weekend trip home. We are going to see the Tour of the Gila. It is a bike race and Lance Armstrong is racing there. Every year we hear rumors that he will be there and they are just that rumors. But this year he is actually there. I was never really into bike races until we got cable for the first time and my hubby was able to watch the Tour de France. We have been watching it every year for 5 or so years. So this is pretty fun but is probably more exciting for my hubby who actually ridden in a century ride. I will be sure to take lots of pictures to share.

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