Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gym Day

We went to the gym today and Mickey had a grand time. Today her focus was on two objects that just made me smile on the inside. The first was a big ball. She loved rolling on it, rolling it and chasing it and laughing.


Soon she discovered some cones. I was trying to convince her that she could put them on the ground and create something to run around. But Mickey had a different idea. What was her idea?? They decided that the cones made a very neat cake. A Cinderella cake to be exact. She carried that thing everywhere with her today. Such a silly girl.



Her very good friend Mr. D and Ms. O were also at the gym today. Mr. D and Mickey are drawn together like magnets. His idea was that they should be jumping in the pit. Mickey was not interested. But Mr. D was not one to easily give up. He finally told her "we are going to jump in the pit today". He finally led her to the pit and she jumped in and played with Mr. D and Ms. O.


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