Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Love of Horses

We went to my mom's this past weekend to see the Tour of the Gila. We took plenty of pictures of Lance Armstrong, Kristen Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, an Floyd Landis. We also got some great shots of Mickey cheering on the cyclists!

We were also invited over to the home of a friend of mine. Sharon has a horse named Cammy and Sharon offered to take Mickey on a horse ride. Can I tell you that was a very generous offer and made the entire weekend for my little horse lover! My child has no fear let me tell you. She loved the horse and was in heaven. But you can't tell that from this picture or can you?


then there is this one ...

this last one was where Sharon took her on ride up the hill.
Mickey thought it was a little scary but had a grand time!


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  1. Help! How do you get your onetruemedia montages into your blog? i couldn't figure it out.