Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Selling Please

I grew up far away from city life. My closest neighbor was 5 acres away. This meant that we didn't have anyone coming into my neighborhood and trying to sell me things. We didn't even get Trick-or-Treaters. So when I get someone knocking on my door and I open it to find someone trying to sell me something, I get annoyed.

When Mickey was about 6 months old, I got a vacuum sales guy come by the house. I felt sorry for the kid so I let him in and he vacuumed my living room. It seemed like he would NEVER leave. Finally, Jeff came home and politely asked for the young man to leave. So last week when I got another knock on my door and there was a man standing there telling me that he would shampoo a room in my house for free I declined. Even though I would love a room vacuumed, I just didn't want to be bothered.

Even though the vacuum and the shampoo guy were knocking on my door they were not as annoying as the college kid who is selling magazines is. UGH. I hate it when they knock on my door. They don't have the maturity level to take rejection and end up just bugging the stew out of me. I had one such visitor today. A young man that claimed that my neighbor across the street said I was nice and sent him my direction. (No neighbors across the street were home). He goes through his spill and I listen almost being able to repeat it because I have had many of his sort at my door. I tell him that I am not interested in ordering a magazine. I tell him thank you and hand it back. It is at this point where you see the maturity level at it's very best. This guy was like "don't thank me that is worse than saying no.". He storms off my porch with a huff and then remembers that he needs to ask which of my neighbors he should go to next. I don't give him a lead, why would I push him off on one of my neighbors?? I think that next time I just won't open the door.

I rarely get the kids that are selling something for school or for their girl scout troup. Now these kids I love to help out. I do help them out because I remember not liking to sell things as a kid but always having to. But I think that gone are the days of kids going through their neighbors selling something. It is just not safe anymore. So instead we are burden with these magazine sellers that are trying to earn some prize.

I just need to put a sign on my door telling them that I don't buy things from magazine sellers nor do I want my floor vacuumed. Do you think that will help?


  1. I honestly don't even open the door during the day if it is someone I don't know, assuming they just want to sell me something or they simply shouldn't be knocknig on my door. Can't stand door to door salepeople, especially the immature type. Err!!

  2. I always tell myself I am not going to answer the door but somehow I keep opening up the door. You would think that with 2 large dogs barking at them that they would not stay long at the door. I know I wouldn't!